From HGTV, numerous local and national newspapers, magazines, Cable TV show, professional State of Illinois Realtor Instructor, professional educator, speaking and education offerings - Reinventing Space owner, Julea Joseph is always sharing their knowledge, creativity and expertise in home design and staging.  She is passionate about making the most of a home.

Reinventing Space has a rich history of being newsworthy, from making front page Chicago Tribune news about home staging way back in 2000 -  When It's Time to Sell -- Will Your House Act Like a . . . Frasier or a Kramer?


 "Unlike so many designers that make rooms to read like roped off showcases, Julea helps her clients embrace their home. She's in-tuned to their lifestyle.   No overly fussy, do not touch, over fluffed rooms; instead, spaces you can fully enjoy and actually use!"- Margie, Orland Park, Illinois 

Can I just say that I LOVE the rooms .. I have been in there to read when I had a few minutes ... I loved working with you .. you do have a skill like no one I have ever met ... Thank you so much for making my house become a home. - Heather, St. Charles

"I have always struggled to pull my rooms together, accessorizing, shopping and decorating is not my strength. I would go into stores to look for things for my home, only to leave empty handed. You helped me define my style!" -Kara, Palos Heights, Illinois

"When we were ready to remodel our home, Julea helped us make cost effective choices and then helped finish the space with beautiful design." - Anne, Valparasio, Indiana 

"Julea swept in and staged our home with just the right touches in a matter of hours. It was sold within the month she staged it. She is now working with us on our new home." Jenni - Plainfield, Illinois

 "I have enlisted Julea's services on a number of projects, and in addition to her creative talents, she is very professional and dependable. I know I can count on her to get the job done on time, within budget and with amazing results." Linda Fogarty - Coldwell Banker, Naperville

"This was not the usual boring C.E. class.  Julea, not only provided excellent content,but did an excellent job engaging everyone with the great content.  Julea provided some great slides that she offered to send to the participants of the class if they requested them.  That was awesome, because it is great information to include in a listing presentation. I walked out of the class with TONS of information.  More than I have any other class.  Mainstreet is really lucky to have Julea teach these classes." Wendy McSteen -Spring Realty Inc., Shorewood, Ilinois.

Chicago Tribune Photo

Chicago Tribune Photo

WGN'S 'Weekend Work Bench'


MAKING IT HOME Real Estate Today -

Media Accolades:  

PUT SOME SPRING INTO YOUR WINTER SELLING - January 24, 2014 Chicago Tribune. But while trying to sell in a season wrought with darkness, dead vegetation and inclement weather might not seem ideal, there are steps you can take to make your home more salable in winter. Full Story.

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DECORATING TIPS FOR KIDS ROOMS - Family Time Magazine January 2013 "Decorating Tips for Kids Rooms"



1st tie homeowners search for their first new home. Julea designed and decorated a space as their HGTV gift at the end of the show. Connect to the link and watch the episode.

HGTV "My First Place" - Episode HMFP- 1105H - Commitment before Contract  

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Filmed in both 2000 and 2006, these interior arrangementor one day room makeover segments celebrating the art of Interior Redesign.

HGTV "Decorating Cents" - Living Room Redesign, Episode DCT-2611

HGTV "Decorating Cents" - Music Room Makeover, Episode DCT-2612

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