Education for House & Home

Julea’s educational forums take your talent and refine it.  Whether you are interested in starting a new career path, a professional adding to your repertoire of skills, or are a home decorating enthusiast who wants to make their space more beautiful you’ll fully enjoy Julea’s dynamic educational forums.


home staging programs

These offerings are perfect for the person interested in home staging career development. Whether you are a REALTOR, decorating or home staging professional - take your business to the next level with our educational classes.


public speaking

Whether your a professional, or a design enthusiast seeking to better embrace anything home, and create a haven within - Julea’s workshops, talks and seminars will inspire.


certified interior stylist program

Become the new generation of designer. Certified Interior Stylists enrich a home’s environment with a bespoke business model. Interior Stylists embrace and celebrate a home with service menu offerings of interior arrangement, home staging and lifestyle design services.