Our 'Use What You Own First' philosophy  is easy on the budget and gets creative use out of passed down or treasured family heirlooms. We offer innovative ways to up-cycle, recreate and reinvent by giving what you already have a fresh new perspective.  We too offer to refresh and update your space further with our accessory and decor packages.


Most of us have wonderful belongings, from furniture we've bought both recent and past, to items we've been gifted by loved ones.  Yet, when a room is tired, unused, or collections just don't seem to have a place, you don't enjoy your space. Julea celebrates what you already have, and artfully arranges and tailors your furnishings, art, lighting and accessories to depict your personality, lifestyle and character. Within a day, a room becomes balanced, functional and unified. Best of all, you get instant gratification, validate your existing pieces, and ready your room for entertaining family and friends.  

One Day Room Makeover +Accessories.  Do you struggle with a room, just moved in, or getting ready to put your home on the market? Is your wish for someone just to coming in and making it all look fabulous? Julea will re-style your space using what you have, plus bring in on-trend and curated accessories from shopped or studio inventory.

“I sit in my living room now after years of never going in there - I can’t believe this is all my things and they’re so beautiful.” - Laura, Tinley Park, Illinois