5 Christmas Decor Re-Organizing Tips

It's time to pack it all up, retrieve those boxes and containers to wrap, pack and store our Christmas decor. With a little preparation and by gathering of a few key items - you save yourself lots of extra work next December when its time to bring it all out again.  

5 Christmas decor re-organizing tips

1.  Pack Christmas decor up by room/area in a tote or box and label the container with the room.  Next year, all  your holiday decorating items will be organized room-by-room, area-by-area and will ease the decorating process - (mantel tote may contain stockings, stocking holders, mantel garland and mantle accessories).  No more sorting through all your items to figure out where it all goes.

2. Store Christmas Wreaths in clear plastic bags from the dry cleaners and hang on a 3-M Command hook in your storage area or on the back of a storage door..  Easy to access, dust free and the clear plastic allows you to see what wreaths are in the bags.

3. Recycle your eggs cartons, cardboard drink holders and plastic fruit containers to put your Christmas Ornaments away in. These containers are great since they are free and were designed to hold breakables to begin with.  Place them in totes and label the outside of the container.

4. Christmas lights are easy to pack by winding from your palm to your elbow and tying with a Velcro tie/strap in the middle.  This will prevent lights from getting tangled together by having loops on the ends of the lights.

5. As you are putting your items away, go through and donate any Christmas decor you no longer use or care for to your local charity.  It saves you from hauling it up or down from storage and taking up precious storage space.