5 Home Staging Tips if Selling in the Winter

If your home is on the market during the winter months, here are a few extra staging tips and ideas to ensure your home will show well during the chilly and sometimes weather challenging season.



#1. A Clear Path.  Make sure from curbside to front porch your potential buyers have easy access to your home.  Keep walkways clear of snow and ice. Purchase a non-salt based de-icer that will not leave white residue tracks.

#2. A Shoe Removal Friendly Foyer. Make it easy for people to remove their footwear with seating and a stylish boot tray in the foyer. You don't want the 1st impression to get off on the wrong foot.

#3. Light it up. During the winter months, evening comes early and days may be overcast. Keep your exterior and interior lights on timers so that your home is well lit for showings. Replace light bulbs with a higher wattage and choose a bulb that casts a warm tone.

#4. Bring on the Greens.  With nature on siesta, have a evergreen container garden to greet guests, showcase your porch and to liven up the entry to your home. Inside, pack away the fake floral and replace with potted flowering plants in pretty containers and a few vases of fresh floral.  Fresh always adds a bit of hospitality and creates a cheerful display.

#5. Set a Warm Mood. Give home lookers a sense of cozy by making sure the temperature is at a comfortable setting, rooms look inviting with an added decorative touch of a warm throw, a few extra pillows and the flicker of a few candles. Use battery operated candles which are safe while you are gone for showings.