Why Empty Homes Don't Sell

Every morning on my Chicago area social media feed, I see acres and acres of empty rooms posted by Realtors. So many empty dining rooms, breakfast rooms, kitchens, living and bedrooms.  Do I stop and click on the photo, intrigued to have a look at the room, the house, the property? No, I just scroll on by...  Do I read the eloquently written description?  Do I appreciate the professional photography?  No, I just scroll on by...  Why?  It's that they all look the same; devoid of any senses,  any flavor, any style. 


#1. An empty home leaves an empty canvas to paint negative thoughts on – Prospective buyers will find imperfections and not interested or wanted features. An empty home amplifies negative thoughts. 

#2. Empty homes lack a vision of its layout (What is this room?)  A Staged homes explain how the home flows and how each space can be used.

#3.  An empty home is void of imagination and feeling.  People buy homes on emotion.  An empty property is just a HOUSE, a staged property becomes a HOME.  Home Staging creates the emotion that your prospective buyers envisioned.

#4. The National Association of REALTORS 2015 Profile on Home Staging found that 81% of buyers find it is easier to visualize a property as a future home when it's Staged. 

NAR Survey on Home Staging
A staged home may seem like it has furniture that’s fixed in place; but what is going on in the buyer’s mind is a very kinetic process. With a home that is staged, they see a family - celebrating home.
— Julea Joseph