Sunday Reading - Business Launch Tips

Sunday Reading - Business Launch Tips

It’s Sunday. I read on Sundays.  I Just got done with a great feature in Better Homes & Gardens - ‘Finding Your Calling.’ Even as a business owner of 17 years, the article was chocked full of fabulous tips and advie on launching yourself into the entrepreneurial universe. 


Here are a few take away tips from the article.

Brand Aid

Naming your business is the single most important task.

  1. HI MY NAME IS... Consider your name. No one has it but you.

  2. Brain Storm.  How will customers receive your name? How do you want them to see it?

  3. Is it Searchable and Tweet-able? Too long, too short, easy to remember?  Is it already being used? (You can check on-line.)

  4. Let’s Get Visual. Logo-up. Color is key. Color has personality.

6 Things I Wish I Knew Then

Hindsight is 20/20.

  1. It Gets Lonely.  Just not working by yourself, but making all the decisions too. 

  2. You Wear lots of Hats. From accounting to PR, you are the boss.  Get help in your not too gifted areas.

  3. Don’t Compare. Every business is different and so are you.

  4. Hire Slow, Fire Fast. Your hires are your brand, so make sure they are a good fit.

  5. Be Patient. Overnight sensations are rare.

  6. Pivot and Problem Solve. When something doesn’t work, adjust and work it out.