Do Home Stagers Only Stage Vacant Homes?

You'd think so from all the HGTV shows and magazine spreads wouldn't you? A vacant home shows real drama when transformed from empty to full with furniture and accessories when on film or in print. Right?  The reality is though, that almost homes that are getting ready to go on market have people living inside of them. 

And that is where we come into play. At Reinventing Space we are happy to transform an occupied property into that awesome home desired by today's picky buyers.  Our secret weapon is that we are experts in re-styling what you own and stepping up your space with stylish and trend forward rental or purchased. It's a winning combination.  

Our process is simple, we'll setup a date to conduct our Home Staging Evaluation.  Notes and suggested enhancement procedures are made (which you'll need to complete before we sweep back to style your home). While you are working on your home, we're putting together a proposal to finalize the home staging process.  We select, coordinate and then style your home so it looks its very best.  Here's a recent example - Take a look:

So now you are informed - Home Staging isn't just for vacant homes.  Aren't you excited that you too can have your home staged and styled and move it to 1st in line when it goes on the market?  Shoot us an email, we'd be delighted to work with you.