More than a Home Stager... Why I call Myself an Interior Stylist

Fresh back from my speciality design training in Dallas, Texas (home staging training didn’t exist yet),  I landed my 1st client.  Recently moved into her new home, she was so excited to get it pulled together and make it hers. As we chatted about design ideas, she confided she partly hired me because she was hosting a baby shower and really want her home to look special.  Too, could I help her with ideas about the baby shower?  Instantly, part of this project was to advise which China to use, theme ideas and how to style the event.

The AHA Business Model Moment

That was my AHA business model moment. This new home design business I was launching was so much more than making a home pretty, my new job was to help a homeowner fully celebrate and embrace their home.

Not fitting into any box, I called myself 1st a Home Stylist, which was short lived being confused with a Hair Stylist that comes to a client's home!  A simple word swap of INTERIOR from HOME solved the identity problem and my business brand was born.


More than a Home Stager

Beyond a home stager's regular repertoire of just prepping a home for sale, I have for 17 years offered up a signature menu of interior stylist services that progressively celebrates their home. Once that house is SOLD,  there are a menu of design services to turn that NEW house into a home and celebrate the haven within.

•·        Color Consultation-  Already familiar with your things from your old home,  I am right by your side in expertly selecting and creating a new color palette.  From paint,  wallpaper to fabric selections,  gone are the old home owners hues, or those contractor white walls - in with color choices in-tune to your belongings and personal style.

•·        Interior Redesign-  I take what you have and make it all work within your new home.  In just a day or two,  your blank space becomes your space.  Interior Redesign is the art of arranging what you already have.  With specific steps and procedures, spaces become balanced, functional and unified. Best of all, you get instant gratification and validate your existing pieces.  This process then opens the door to new pieces and creative ideas to repurpose or refreshed what you have.  A very 21st century way of decorating a home.

•·     Shopping, Procurement & Traditional Design Services- If you'd like to refresh, add to your furniture & collections, we can help shop for those new pieces  Need more traditional design service such as custom window treatments, reupholstery services or help with choosing a new counter or embark in a remodeling project?  Our talents and resources can add those finishing touches and updates to your home.

•·     Lifestyle & Entertainment Services-  Your home is now ready to greet family and friends - from styling a home for a holiday or season, setting the stage for a party, or making a backyard patio a summer retreat.  - I help  my clients  celebrate the haven within.