From House to Home – How to Make Your New House Your Own

Pick one room and make it yours. Go slowly through the house. Be polite, introduce yourself so it can introduce itself to you.
— Frances Mayer, Under the Tuscan Sun

The keys are yours!  You’ve gone through the process... the searching, deciding, inspection, stress, closing and finally, the elation of buying a new home.  Now, you have to make it your own. Here’s how.

ColorPaint is the least expensive, easiest way to update a space.  It can individualize a room and put your personal stamp on your home. Pick your color style -  From modern farmhouse neutrals, to Boho bold colors, whatever is in your style files (Pinterest, HOUZZ, tear-sheets), color can showcase it.  And color doesn’t have to be just on the walls - If you want to keep the wall color simple, infuse color with your furniture, art or accessory choices.  Get your craft on by painting a piece of furniture, or recover your dining chairs seats with new fabric.  Try trending wallpaper on a single accent wall or power room. Create a signature look with a statement making front door color. With color, the change is quick, easy and all you.



(Photo: Benjamin Moore)


Your Favorite Things -  Home should hold your beautiful art, furniture, passed down family treasures and loved flowers in your garden beds.  Simple daily rituals with favorite things, cozy slippers slipped on at the end of day,  or tossing your keys into that old bowl, will infuse you into the home.  It could be something new that defines your new chapter of home. That perfect comfy sofa you spied, a fresh new style that you’ve wanted to try out, fun new pillows to add a splash to a patio set. By incorporating these favorite things - you’ll become instantly grounded in your new space.


Favorite Things

(Photo: Julea Joseph)

Make Your Bed!  A bed is your personal haven and cocoon.  Dressing your bed makes your home environment feel luxurious.  Even if the bedroom still has boxes, you can sleep well with a beautifully made bed. Make your bed so that every time you see it, you want to jump into it.  I like to mix old with new. New, fresh, very fancy (the best you can afford) sheets, a stylish linen duvet set slipped over your old favorite down comforter and pillows. Pair the bedding with Grandma’s quilt or your favorite throw at the end of the bed and you'll be ready for a great night's sleep. 


Make Your Bed!

(Photo: Julea Joseph)

Room to Room - This is where you channel Frances Mayer, the character from "Under the Tuscan Sun" - by going room to room to make it yours. Don’t try to tackle the entire home’s decorating and styling needs, instead, try to work on the spaces you spend the most time in first.


Room to Room

(Photo: Julea Joseph)

5 Senses - Nothing says home more than seeing, smelling, hearing, tasting, and feeling your favorites things of home. Put out those family photos, beloved books, play music, light some candles in your favor scent, open your favorite wine and curl up on that fluffy sofa and celebrate home!  


5 Senses

(Photo: Julea Joseph)