Welcome to Julea - Reinventing Space

A Chicago based interior design, home staging and styling studio that helps homeowners celebrate house and home.  Learn with Julea! Professional programs and home design enthusiast workshops.



 Reinvent your space. We celebrate your home's soul by creating a mix of old and new, rich with poor and plenty of your personality and style with our creativity, savvy design and styling skills.


home staging

Selling? Experts in unlock a home's value that would otherwise be unseen by creating a positive perception through strategic packaging of your property for the market.



Learn with Julea. Tap your talents and enhance your innate decorating skills with our educational programs - whether seeking to up your pro skills or home design enthusiast aptitude. 


You may be looking for some decorating or remodeling guidance, validation, or maybe you are struggling with just pulling it all together.  Our à la carte interior design services are a great option to help you meet your decorating goals.



Create a haven within. Reinventing Space lends a creative eye and hand to refresh, renew and reinvent a home with a celebrated new perspective.  Beyond a beautifully decorated and styled home, we too want you to embrace your home to its fullest, from enjoying holiday guests to barefoot entertaining in your outdoor spaces, your home is your special place in the universe.


Interior Design Services| Re-Modeling


Home, your unique place in the universe. Need more traditional interior design services? From helping a homeowners pick the perfect furniture, creating beautiful window treatments, or consulting with a major remodel or building a new home - our creative expertise is a perfect recipe for a beautiful home. 


Home Staging Services


Creating a home a buyer falls in love with. Our home staging expertise applies art, science and psychology to preparing a home for market. Expert advice and staging applications to increase the perceived value of your property.




Educational Forums


 Education for house and home. Are you ready to tap your talents and enhance your innate skills? Our educational forums take your talent and refine it.  Whether you are interested in starting a new career path, adding to your repertoire of skills, or are a home decorating enthusiast who wants to make their spaces more beautiful.