Welcome to the 21st Century!  When it comes to finishing, remodeling or updating your home, you have to throw out the "old school" rules.  Let's look at what you have, make the right choices, spend it where it counts, then fill in the blanks with great knock-offs.  A spectacular home is a mix of old and new, rich with poor and plenty of your personality and style.

  • Interior Decorating & Design Consultation

  • Design Packages

  • Shopping and Procurement Services

  • Custom Window Treatments

  • Repurposing & Upholstery Services

Let's use as much as you already own 1st.  I'll use my creativity and innovative ideas to make the most of what you already own.  There are so many ways to re-purpose, reinvent or renew what you have, but I'll be honest when you need to let go.

Enjoy Your Space. Every room in your home should be fabulous and used.  From curling up on the living room couch with a great book, lively kitchen conversations, to making your master bedroom a sanctuary for rest and relaxation - let's make the most of your home.

Make smart Remodeling/Design moves.  If you're launching into a remodel, it's important to understand the psychology of it. The space's purpose, function and the price point of your home.  Let's spend it where we need to, create a space that has timeless design, but be smart consumers by finding the best pricing and smartest upgrades. 

Be Partners in the Process.  Reinventing Space's best clients are those who are actively involved in the entire process of the project.  They are equally as involved when it comes to finding the goods or pieces, a voice in ideas and as a participant in the project.


Design Consultation Service:

You may be looking for some decorating or remodeling guidance, validation, or you are struggle with just pulling it all together. Our design consultation service is a great option to meet your goals. During this time, we determine what is and is not working in your home. We also discuss your tastes, decorating goals, lifestyle and future redesign options. We are happy to consult with you on space planning or looking at blueprints. We'll guide you to furniture selection, choosing a color palette, back-splash, window treatments, artwork or simply just re-accessorizing.  Fee: 375 ( 2 hrs )

Shopping & Procurement Services:

Have you ever gone shopping, spent hours looking at great things, only to leave empty handed because you’re not sure what will work on your home?  Break your shopping fear by working with us.  We're experts in helping you make wise, smart choices; whether purchasing big ticket pieces or accessory shopping. At Reinventing Space we love to fill in the blanks with great off-the-rack finds, proudly shops resale, discount and big box places for hidden treasures.

Besides our favorite hidden haunts, outlets and more, we also have designer and to-the-trade only brands as well in fabrics, textiles, window hardware, accessories and accent pieces.  Our local workrooms reupholster furniture and custom make window treatments, pillows and bedding.

Want to shop off the rack and have us make it semi-custom? We are happy to work with you on that too.

Can I just say that I LOVE the rooms .. I have been in there to read when I had a few minutes ... I loved working with you .. you do have a skill like no one I have ever met ... Thank you so much for making my house become a home. - Heather, St. Charles